John of God


John of God (incorporating Dr. Agosto) with Ida


Here is some information on who John of God is and also what to expect from a trip to The Casa de Dom Inacio..

John of God (also known as Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria and as Joao
de Deus in Portuguese) was born in the early 1940s in the State of Goias, Brazil. His unique gift of mediumship opened up when he was a teenager.

However, as he says: ‘It is not me who heals. It is God’.

For over 50 years, he has been fulfilling his mission to alleviate the suffering
of humanity by acting as a vessel for The Entities of Light and Love to work
through at The Casa de Dom Inacio, in a  village called Abadiania in Brazil.

He was spiritually lead to Abadiania to build the healing centre: The Casa
de Dom Inacio. The Casa sits on a large bed of quartz crystal which in turn
aids the work of The Entities.

Dom Inacio de Loyola
Artist: Marli Giriboni

The Casa is named after Dom Inacio (St Ignatius of Loyola): a highly evolved, wholly compassionate Entity of Light and Love who has a huge ‘army’ (or phalange as they are collectively referred to) of Entities of Light and Love (other evolved beings in the spiritual realm). These Entities work tirelessly and lovingly alongside him on whoever comes to The Casa seeking help.

These Entities of Light and Love each have different specialisms (some were doctors for example in previous lives) and for this reason visiting The Casa de Dom Inacio can help one cure oneself of many ailments, problems and illnesses of varying types. For The Entities, as the highly evolved Beings of Light and Love that they are, know what is the root cause of your problem and how to cure it.

The Entities of Light and Love therefore work on all levels that are necessary
with each person who visits The Casa – physical, emotional, mental and

Millions have visited The Casa de Dom Inacio over the years and been healed
of life threatening and crippling diseases such as cancer, MS, etc., as well as
of rarer diseases that Western Medicine has pronounced incurable.


The Entity Carrying Out a Visible Operation in the Main Hall

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday John of God incorporates an Entity of Light and Love who sees people and helps them and answers their questions. Then there are Invisible Operations for your sickness/problem as well as ‘Current’ – meditation rooms where by giving of your concentration and energy in meditation, you receive whatever you might need from The Entities of Light and Love (again on whatever level that is necessary – physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual).

Dom Inacio’s Bust in the Gardens

During the rest of the week (ie. on non-Casa days) many spend time in the sanctuary of the tranquil, lovely gardens and in main hall of The Casa to reflect and
meditate; they visit the Sacred Waterfall with the prior permission of The
Entity (where Nature’s energies and force is used by The Entities of Light
and Love to continue the treatment/work); they make use of the Casa crystal
beds and most take advantage of these non-Casa days to recuperate and rest as part of their treatment in the hands of The Entities. This is because The Entities of Light and Love work on each person for the whole duration of their visit in Abadiania – in their motel rooms or wherever they may be.


The Gardens

In fact, the connection with The Entities of Light and Love either begins from the moment one considers going to The Casa or from the moment one books one’s flights. Each person who visits is guided on another level to visit and The Entities keep a loving hand on each person who takes the trip, before, during and after their trip.


 Donated Casa Seat: Love & Gratitude Seat Sign

It is common to hear people who have visited to afterwards talk of ‘small miracles’ in their life back home (apart from the miracle of healing they made the trip for that is). The Entities of Light and Love keep a strong, protective hand on us spiritually and support us in our lives when we return home.

John of God with a group

Healing is not necessarily instantaneous as most people expect. However, visiting John of God can be a deeply transformative and life changing experience on many levels. One learns spiritual lessons and grows as a result, returning home to incorporate whatever extra has been learnt and to integrate it into one’s life (apart from the reason one initially had gone there for).

Sunset Over The Casa